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We are a group of licensed brokers who specialize in trading exchange-traded futures contracts. From our perspective, an interesting situation arose in the world of oil markets in January 2020. The core of the case was that the oil was running out. The price has sunk to negative levels. In this regard, it was agreed to purchase a substantial amount of BRENT oil as well as WTI which was completed. We used our own money and money earned from the sale of oil to pay for transportation to ports and other expenses. Paying for oil to be loaded and stored directly in tanker holds. Our option was the right one. It was agreed not to sell oil right away, but rather to keep it until prices improved. We sold some of the oil to pay for tanker storage, but we chose to keep the majority of it for a long time.

Today, we invite everyone to become a partner with us and benefit from oil sales by investing even small amounts of money, as well as from investments in oil storage on tankers chartered by us. For a duration of two months or longer, you can buy an investment storage package for various quantities of oil. For the sake of job and convenience we use a cryptocurrency-based measurement and payment system to cut down on overhead costs. You purchase the kit you want for the time span that works best for you and pay for it from your personal account. This investment is recorded in the scheme, and you will collect dividends from the invested sum every day.

You can make the most money by investing through our business. For a variety of reasons, this was possible. To begin, we streamlined trading operations to the greatest extent possible, and then we developed a framework that allows you to invest without the use of intermediaries or non-productive formalities such as broker agreements, verification, and other such formalities.

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